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Sheldon & Associates, Inc.

POB 1119 Frazier Park CA 93225-1119 US

Sheldon & Associates

Accounting, Equity Recovery, & Real Estate Investor Services

Consulting Services

The reason why most people go into business is because they have a passion for the products and/or services they offer. Also, they want to be their own boss - many did not like working for other people - people telling them what they had to do, people that they had to report to, and people that controlled their life instead of being able to control their own life.

So, you got into business thinking that now you can do what you want, when you want. But, low and behold, you discover that you spend a great deal more time working for yourself than you ever did working for anyone else. In addition, now you are responsible for everything! 

Empowerment, general ledger system, business consulting, planning

Sheldon & Associates, Inc. is here to rescue you from all of those activities you hate to do. We are here to enpower you to do what you envisioned and to put into action what you like to do - providing the services and products for which you went into business in the first place for. To be able to have the freedom to be creative, to build your business, and even to take time off here and there - being able to spend more time with your family.

Let us be a part of your management team. Here are just some of the activities we can do for you:

  • Serve as your CFO/Controller/Comptroller.
  • Help establish policies and procedures.
  • Help compile job descriptions.
  • Help compile Employee Manual/Handbook.
  • Review effectiveness and efficiency of operational systems.
  • Develop flow charts of processes and activities.
  • Help consider health and safety issues.
  • Maintain and monitor fixed assets.

The level of service we provide is up to you -- just let us know what you need and how we can serve you best by completing our Guest Book.